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Welcome to Sussex2030!


It is about Sussex County, Delaware - the beautiful land, beach, people . . . - known as Slower-Lower-Delaware.

This group started in August 2019 to fight the Conditional Use (CU2176) of an Agricultural-Residential zone for a huge gas/diesel station with a 24/7/365 convenience store in a precarious location in Angola, between Lewes and Millsboro, on Rt. 24. After this project was denied in January 2020, the group recognized the need of a citizens group that is united for the brighter future of Sussex County.

Why Sussex2030?

Forward-thinking residents of Sussex County formed this apolitical grassroots group with a vision of Sussex County in year 2030. Launching this in March 2020, we decided a 10-year benchmark is realistic and it will let us work with attainable goals. As years go by, we could evaluate our past progress and adjust future goals, but our main focus will remain the same - the bright future of our beloved County.

What we envision by year 2030:

Sussex County with its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle that younger generations find as an attractive and promising place to settle down for their family and generations to come.

In order for this vision to be realized, we believe the following necessary, though most are the purview of County administration and we would only participate when called for:

  1. Preserving the number one asset of the County, the natural environments - beaches, bays, trees, farmlands, clean air, safe drinking water . . .
  2. Improving traffic/road situations 
  3. Adding intricate public transportation system
  4. Strategically adding public facilities - fire, EMS, libraries, parks, medical facilities, etc.
  5. Bringing in the infrastructure to attract high paying industries - high speed internet, easy way of getting in and out of the peninsula (air/rail?) and planned industrial campuses in the inland Sussex
  6. Providing well trained/educated employees to local high-tech industries - with future-minded education throughout school systems preparing for invasion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and by bringing in more college/university level institutions to Sussex County
  7. Inspiring and readying our young generations to become major players in the national political stage - our elected offices providing the training ground for them.

Sussex2030's persistent focus will be on number 1 and 2. Its subgroups will pursue furthering their top concerns and coordinate with internal/external groups and organizations as circumstances arise.

Sussex2030 Mission:

Our mission is to promote the development of a comprehensive infrastructure to support sustained growth for advanced technology, excellent work opportunities, sophisticated education, and public policies that enhance Sussex County.